The Old and Bold “Organisation”

KM Kevin Morris, MF Martin Field,  TF Tony Forward, RC Robin Crorie

The Old and Bold “organisation”, incorporating Pensioner’s Patch, is a non profit association, free of any charges, run by retired police officers, independent of Surrey Police but always minded of the link and capacity to cause embarrassment.

The above organisation chart is something of a spoof but makes the point that there are plenty of linkages and a great deal of help available should you need it.  Or just enjoy maintaining contact and still being a part of something.

We have entering a period of “self help” a time when organisations have limited resources, and where the police in particular have and are still going through a considerable cultural change.   For most of us the police officer was dominant within the organisation whereas now in Surrey they make up less than 50% of the staff.  The culture of family, of sports teams, a club in the police station, and as we saw in the last issue from the pictures of John Wright, the police ball have all gone.

It is for many a job and not ‘The Job’.


August 2012.

SPRCA Volunteers:

Kevin Morris:  Chairman, Tasking & Co-ordination & Blog Editor

Martin Field:  Editor Old and Bold newsletter and first point of contact for new members plus anything else!

Robin Crorie:  Support Services involving all matters technical including maintaining the relay system and the Old and Bold website

Tony Forward:  Pensioner’s Patch and welfare organisation representing Retired Comrades and NARPO to be known as “Surrey Police Pensioners’ Welfare Co-ordinator

Paul Hickman:  Maintaining the welfare support list and providing statistics


Spike Milligan: NARPO Surrey

John Miskelly: Pension matters

Bob Bartlett: Historical Surrey policing matters

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