‘We Cannot Drink Money’

Whilst I am not trying to turn this blog into another ‘Green‘ website I am sufficiently concerned about the misinformation that is being pumped out about gas fracking to post the following video. 

The Mail has chosen to publish an article by Nigel Lawson today where he says:

“Hence the scare stories, lapped up by the BBC in particular, about shale oil and gas extraction causing earthquakes and pollution of the water supply.

Needless to say, there is no substance whatever in these scares”

The following video has been produced by a reputable independent company and shows what fracking has been responsible for in the USA.  Of course, whether or not Nigel Lawson would consider the video shows a great deal of substance to the worries that people have about this process is another matter. 

It is about seventeen minutes long but I urge you to watch it, it is very sobering.  Take from it what you will….

If the video is not showing click this link

See: Osborne’s Gas Strategy is a Fracking Disaster

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4 Responses to ‘We Cannot Drink Money’

  1. Kevin Morris says:

    Anyone take a bet on Nigel Lawson NOT having a vested interest in a company or companies that wish to do this?

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    • surreywebmaster says:

      …. plus, what a coincidence that Lawson’s article was published just three days after Osborne’s autumn statement when he announced that licences would be granted.

      Softening up the public time peut-être…Question

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  2. Dick Grundy says:

    Such cynicism chaps!!!!

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  3. surreywebmaster says:

    Watch this space -- Blackpool shale gas deposit ’50pc larger than first thought’

    Energy secretary Ed Davey is expected to give the green light next week for the company involved, Cuadrilla, to resume operations.

    Who is Caudrilla? Well, it is backed by Lord Browne of Madingley who resigned as chief executive of BP about five years ago.

    His business ventures include backing shale gas company Cuadrilla through private equity firm Riverstone. He cites George Mitchell, the man who persevered against setbacks to develop the US shale gas industry, as an illustration of another suggestion to help UK business: British culture should be more tolerant of failure.

    “Trial and error is really the only way to learn,” he says. Risks are inevitable in developing new products; “If we punish failure too severely, then no one will take those risks.”

    But he seems reluctant to engage with the criticism that has been levelled against his record following the Gulf of Mexico disaster, in April of 2010.

    As writers picked over the roots of the disaster, some published accounts suggesting part of the blame lay at his door; that his culture of cost-cutting left his successors a poisoned chalice.

    Yes, you remember Lord Browne but if you do not you can read all about him here

    Lord Browne

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