‘If’ (policing is privatised?)….

Spotted on Planet Police this video by 1965UK –

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  1. Kevin Morris says:

    Excellent video, well done.
    I have just watched BBC Question Time where the first question was about the cuts. Usual part political drivel but once again the claim by a Tory Minister that only 1 in 10 officers is on the front line. Apart from the fact that I believe they are misusing stats that include rest days and A/L etc to reach this figure it is clear that they will “improve” this figure by reducing the number of officers overall so that 1 in 8 will be on the front line and claim this as a success story. She also said that despite the cuts and the changes to pay/pensions the police will still be the best paid emergency service. Hmm! that will be because they can not strike, the only police in Europe who can not by law belong to a union, are supposed to stay awake all night when the fire service bed down for the night, and when the paramedics -- who should be paid more -- or the fire and rescue people get a problem like hooligans stoning their vehicles who do they call? Yep the police. Those who think these cuts are “only fair that they should take the pain along with everyone else” are in for a shock when G4S turn up

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    • ‘in for a shock when G4S turn up’… or fail to turn up because the incident does not merit attendance financially?

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